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another moon goddesses post

in inca mythology and religion, mama killa (“mother moon”) is the goddess of the moon, marriage and the menstrual cycle, and considered a defender of women. myths say that she cried tears of silver and that lunar eclipses were caused when she was being attacked by an animal (possibly a mountain lion, serpent or puma). she was envisaged in the form of a beautiful woman and her temples were served by dedicated priestesses. another myth explains the dark spots of the moon : it was believed that a fox fell in love with her because of her beauty, and when he rose into the sky she squeezed him against her, producing the patches. the incas would fear lunar eclipses as they believed that during the eclipse, an animal  was attacking her.

in hawaian myths, hina is mostly described as a very attractive, smart, beautiful, determined young woman pursued by men and other creatures. she becomes tired of living in the crowd, flees to the moon, and becomes goddess of it.

chang’e is the chinese goddess of the moon and unlike many lunar deities, she only lives on the moon. according to legend, chang’e and her husband houyi were immortals living in heaven. one day, the ten sons of the jade emperor transformed into ten suns. the jade emperor ask houyi for help, so the ten suns would stop ruining the earth; he used his legendary archery skills to shot down nine of the sons, but spared one to be the sun. the jade emperor was angry because he had killed nine of his sons and banished chang’e and her husband from heaven. chang’e was very miserable about it so her husband decided to find the pill of immortality so they could go back to heaven; he did found it and brought it home. but the pill of immortality was supposed to be for two people : when chang’e swallowed it whole, she started floating into the sky because of the overdose and landed on the moon.

ali michael by petra collins in oyster magazine
"That moment when the moon comes up and everyone goes to bed…it almost seems like time doubles. You can get so much more work done and you feel that magic happens. We worked from midnight to ten in the morning and slept all day. That’s just how we like to do it. I get anxious during the day."

- Alison Mosshart